Crosswinds Quarter Horses and German Shepherds
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Crosswinds Farm

“Hold strong to faith and family through the winds of life.”

Crosswinds Quarter Horses


The Crosswinds Breeding and Training program is based on VERSITILITY.

The Crosswind Stallions and Mares, as well as their paring, are carefully hand pick for their form, function and disposition.

The Crosswinds training program is based on a personalized Phase System developed by Mellanie. All foals are imprinted, and training is carried on throughout their adolescents using “Phases” of expectations. These “Phases” are designed to develop confidence and willingness. Positive reinforcement methods are used, taking advantage of a horse’s own instincts and intelligence.

The Quarter Horses of Crosswinds are started and raised on the ranch. It is the Crosswinds philosophy that there isn’t a better horse or companion than one that can work a ranch. A horse started this way can go on with confidence, understanding, and athleticism, making them versatile in their life’s calling. Ranch work also develops a young horse’s coordination, muscling and mindset needed for proper development; eliminating repetitiveness, boredom, and stress to the developing structure of a young horse.

 It is the philosophies of Crosswinds, to let the natural ability of every horse dictate where they should go with their talents, but that won’t limit their ability to learn and perform. All horses will start with a solid reining foundation, and then move to the ranch and work cattle. From there, they will advance to the area where their talents take them. For example, a colt started that is bred and destined to become a head horse, works the ranch daily, and as a four year old, was the Kansas State Fair Champion in Reining. In 2014, this same horse will leave the roping arena and enter the show ring. That is versatility!

Versatility is important because of the value it gives a horse. In this tough horse market, buyers want a bang for their buck. The same Crosswind horse can head for a husband, carry a youth in the show ring, then run barrels for the wife.