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Crosswinds Farm

“Hold strong to faith and family through the winds of life.”

About Us


Crosswinds German Shepherds, through owner Mellanie Trachsel (formerly Mellanie Goodwin), is carrying on a tradition and lifelong passion of raising dogs that will provide a willing, loyal and loving companion and co-worker.

From her childhood, Mellanie was able to sit atop a sound Quarter Horse with a trusty German Shepherd at the side. Mellanie grew up meagerly, and although while competing as a youth with her animals, her family couldn’t afford those purchased “High Bred, Turn Key” horses and dogs the other successful kids where handling. The Kunz family in turn bred high quality animals and trained them themselves. Through hard work, resourcefulness and knowledge, and genuine and successful breeding and training program was born.

Today, those same ideals and principles of hard work, dedication, honesty and integrity carry on. And Mellanie is raising her daughter Layne and son Chayton with the same principles, in hopes they look to carry on the tradition some day.

It so happens the winds of life offered Mellanie an opportunity to meet the love of her life, Cleve Trachsel. Together, they are building a herd of Certified Red Angus. Together, they continue to raise, train and work their horses and dogs on a ranch setting.